Recently, the 2022 CCF-Tencent Hornbill Fund Defense was held at the 2023 China Computer Congress. Prof. Jin Hai, Vice President of China Computer Federation, Ms. Wang Juhong, Vice President of Tencent, Ms. Liu Tingting, Senior Director of Industry-Academia Cooperation of Tencent, and 17 industry-academia experts participated in the meeting and listened to the wonderful sharing of the 31 scholars who were selected for the research fund, and the competition on the site of the defense meeting was exceptionally fierce. Participating experts made a fair, impartial and comprehensive assessment of the cooperation projects from the comprehensive dimensions of academic achievements, research value and application innovation, and finally selected one Excellence Award and one Excellence Award, seven Excellence Awards and two Excellent Patent Awards. Among them, Mr. Wang Lin, Assistant Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Computational Media and Arts Thrust at the Information Hub of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou), was awarded the Outstanding Patent Project Award.

Tencent patent expert Wang Dandan presented the award to Dr. Wang Lin (center), the outstanding patent winning scholar.
Certificate of Honor for Outstanding Patent Project Award
The CCF-Tencent Hornbill Fund was launched in 2013 by the China Computer Federation (CCF) and Tencent, and over the past 10 years, the Hornbill Fund has been committed to building an industry-academia cooperation and innovation platform for young scholars from home and abroad, and to promoting the continued value of science and technology in industrial innovation and social development. Since the first launch of CCF-Tencent Hornbill Fund in 2013, more than 220 research propositions have been released, more than 230 research fund projects and 150 creative fund projects have been funded, more than 1,000 high-level academic papers have been published, and more than 320 international and domestic patents have been applied for.

In 2022, CCF-Tencent Hornbill Fund has funded 31 scientific research funds and 18 creative funds. Through the deep cooperation between industry and academia, we have jointly produced 60 high-level academic papers, applied for more than 40 patents at home and abroad, and completed more than 60 technology reserves and landings. The relevant results have effective outputs in necklace technology, sustainable social value, basic software R&D, and AI innovation research.

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