Assistant Professor Varvara Guljajeva opened this September a solo show ABELLÓ, IMAGINARY LANDSCAPE, at the Joan Abello Museum in Barcelona, Spain. This exhibition captivates tribute to Joan Abelló's centennial. Drawing inspiration from her summer residency in Abelló's archives in 2021, the exhibition offers a contemporary reinterpretation of his legacy. It features traditional and AI-generated portraits, merging past and future artistic styles, and transports visitors on imaginary journeys through landscapes that Abelló cherished, reimagined through generative AI. The exhibition culminates with 'Vision of Destruction', an interactive piece showcasing the transformative power of perspective. Varvara & Mar's innovative integration of technology in art echoes throughout the exhibit, inviting reflections on the intersection of art, history, and digital innovation.

Varvara Guljajeva
Assistant Professor