On July 31, 2023, the CCF-Tencent Rhino-Bird Fund announced the list of selected scholars, and Assistant Professor Zeyu Wang of the Computational Media and Arts Domain and Artificial Intelligence Domain of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou) was successfully selected.The CCF-Tencent Rhino-Bird Fund was jointly initiated by Tencent and the China Computer Federation (CCF) in 2013, and this year is the 11th year of the fund's release.Over the past 10 years, the Rhino-Bird Fund has been committed to building a platform for industry-academia cooperation and innovation for young scholars at home and abroad. Over the past 10 years, the Hornbill Fund has been committed to building a platform for industry-academia cooperation and innovation for young scholars at home and abroad, and promoting the value of science and technology in industrial innovation and social development.

This year, the fund released 5 major frontier areas, a total of 28 technical research propositions, continue to focus on "artificial intelligence technology", focus on the development of frontier technology, mining enterprises real application scenarios propos. Among them, as a milestone technology for AI to move towards general intelligence, this year's fund focuses on research on big models and their applications, and released 13 technical propositions, including big models for machine translation, medicine, and energy decision-making, etc. The fund also supports scholars to apply for open propositions to carry out research on big model technology in a wider range of fields. In addition, network and information security, multimodal fusion and content generation technologies, machine learning and deep learning, and databases are also key areas of focus for this year's fund. This year, the fund received more than 230 applications from nearly 90 universities. After a month of in-depth correspondence and meeting evaluation, the experts of the fund finally selected 26 scholars from the comprehensive evaluation of scientific research ability, research value, academic innovation, program implementability and other aspects of the scholars.

On September 8, the final results of the "Project Tanyuan 2023", which is guided by the UNESCO Representative Office in China, the China Cultural Relics Information and Consultation Center (State Administration of Cultural Heritage Data Center), and the China Academy of Cultural Heritage, and jointly sponsored by Tencent SSV Digital Culture Lab and Tencent Research Institute, were released. The program “基于高精度三维环境与数字人重建的中华文化交互沉浸式体验” "Interactive Immersive Experience of Chinese Culture Based on High Precision 3D Environment and Digital Human Reconstruction" (English translation for reference only) declared by Assistant Professor Wang Zeyu of the Computational Media and Art and Artificial Intelligence Thrust won the TOP20 Innovative Technology Application Award.
The purpose of "Project Tanyuan 2023" is to select innovative and cutting-edge technology application projects through open solicitation, invest funds, technologies and resources to support and incubate them, promote the development of innovative technology applications and solutions from pilot run-throughs to large-scale development, solve the technological chokepoints in the cultural digitization chain, and help the development of Chinese cultural inheritance.

Zeyu Wang
Assistant Professor