Theo Papatheodorou and Jessica Wolper's work "Night Thoughts" is currently being exhibited in the Science Gallery in Melbourne, Australia in collaboration with the prestigious art program Art @ CERN. The exhibitions is called "Dark Matters" ( and will run until 2.12.2023.

In a world brimming with individual anxieties and collective concerns, "Night Thoughts" offers a unique space for distant communities to come closer emotionally, if not physically. This interactive installation offers people from different regions a peek into each other's lives by sharing what scares them the most, shedding light on what binds and segregates human experiences.

At present, "Night thoughts" has found its home in two of the world's major cities: London and Melbourne. In each city, visitors are greeted by a peculiar sight: a sculpted ear and mouth, set apart on a barren wall. While the ear invites visitors to whisper their deepest fears, the mouth amplifies fears shared by individuals in the other city, offering a symbiotic exchange of vulnerabilities.

Beyond its artistic allure, this project is an experiment in empathy. It allows for raw human emotions to be shared with the safety net of anonymity and physical distance. What does it truly feel like to share your darkest worries with someone you've never met? And what bond forms when you're on the receiving end of such intimate revelations?

"Nights Thoughts" stands as a testament to the power of shared vulnerabilities. As participants pour out their anxieties, they not only find catharsis but also pave the way for listeners to broaden their horizons of human understanding. In an era marked by divisions, this installation beckons us to listen, empathize, and realize the universality of fear.

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Theo Papatheodorou
Professor of Practice