Dr. James She is a university professor and media artist. He is currently an Associate Professor in Computational Media and Art at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou). His research interests are focusing on the uses of Artificial Intelligence and multimedia for art, media, culture and human creativity. He was also a visiting artist at Fire Station Museum, Qatar Museums in 2020. His artworks were previously exhibited in Qatar, UAE, South Korea, Australia, Thailand, China and various other countries.

Research Interests:

AI for Art 人工智能在艺术中的应用

AI for Media and Sport 人工智能在媒体与体育中的应用

AI for Culture and Heritage 人工智能在文化与遗产中的应用

AI for Human Creativity 人工智能在人类创造力中的应用

IoT for Interactive and Green System 物联网在互动和可持续系统中的应用

Multimedia and Social Computing 多媒体与社交媒体计算

Keep Flying: AI Art and Arabic Heritage
AI Art

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