Position: Assistant Professor of Practice in Digital Arts

Email: jakezhang@ust.hk

Research Area (s): Storytelling, Screen design & world building strategies, Creator & user experience in process of creating

Background: Jake Zhang is an award-winning independent animation artist, illustrator and educator living in LA and Hong Kong. He likes to explore and develop different visual styles to express his artistic opinions and stories. Most of his films are dark-humorous, ironic and fantastic, reflecting social and political issues indirectly. Jake Zhang holds a BA in Digital Media from China Central Academy of Fine Arts and a MFA in Animation and Digital Arts from University of Southern California. His films have been awarded and selected in festivals all over the world, including Jury Award in 55th Ann Arbor Film Festival (2017), Storytelling Designation Winner in Adobe Design and Achievement Award (2015), Nomination in 58th CINE Golden Eagle Award (2015), the Best 2D project in The Vision Feast, Distinction Award in Athens Animation Festival (2016), Winner in Animaze Animation Day in Cannes Film Festival (2016), Official selection in KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival (2015), Corfu Animation Festival (2015), Cutout Fest International Animation and Digital Art Festival (2015), Animasyros International Animation Festival (2015) and Melbourne International Animation Festival (2014). Currently, Jake lives in Hong Kong. After serving as Professor of Animation at Savannah College of Art and Design for five years, he is now one of founding faculties and Assistant Professor of Practice in Digital Media at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Computational Media and Arts thrust area. His research interest include storytelling in virtual reality, screen design & world building strategies, Creator & user experience in process of creating. Besides, he has founded his artist studio Jake Weird Power in Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre since August, 2019.