-- A Featured Adventure of Cross-Industries by Hao Luo

In the era of new digital media, we are still in the campaign of word creation for computer generated realities. Has the prime time of such technology arrived? Instead of predicting uncertainties, Hao is taking a conservative route and calling it digital reality. During this route, you will be riding with him through a featured adventure. Explore what it's like jumping between art and science in addition to pivoting cross industries.

Executive Producer, Director of Technology, Consultant for CUC & ftrack

Hao Luo is visual effects producer, visual effects and technical supervisor at Pinta Studios, where he covers production for films, animated virtual reality and augmented reality as well as conventional CGI projects. He also has R&D responsibility for pipeline, tools, interactive and engine development. He studied art, animation, computer graphics and programming in the Visualization Lab at Texas A&M University. Hao has multi-dimensional professional backgrounds on Hollywood animation features, video games, XR (VR, AR, MR) experiences and episodic animated shows. His career span across Blue Sky Studios, Electronic Arts (EA). He is technical director of Academy Awards, Golden Globe and Annie Awards nominated animation "Ferdinand" and "Ice Age" as well as technical artist of AAA game titles such as "NBA Live" and "Madden NFL". Hao is also the CG & Production supervisor of Venice Biennale nominated VR short "Shennong: Taste of Illusion" and Tribeca nominated VR/ AR interactive animation "Ello".