We are pleased to announce that The Meaning of Creativity in the Age of AI — a new book co-edited by our own Varvara Guljajeva is out now. Published by the Estonian Academy of Arts, the book is the result of a symposium Decoding New Technologies in Art and Design, which took place on the 10th September 2020 at the Estonian Academy of Arts in situ and also virtually as part of the Ars Electronica Gardens online program.

The main idea of the symposium and this publication is to develop an understanding and map the points of critical interest with regards to artificial intelligence (AI) and novel technological developments in general. The publication aims to decode the changes, new ideas, trends, and methodologies that this technology introduces into art and design. In addition, this publication presents new concepts, ideas, and dangers brought about by this developing technology, both now and in the future.

What can AI offer for creative communities? Is AI an aid for boosting creativity and innovation or is it replacing human creativity with automation? And what kind of impact may these computationally costly processes have on our environment?

Press Release: https://www.artun.ee/the-meaning-of-creativity-in-the-age-of-ai/

Editors: Raivo Kelomees, Varvara Guljajeva, Oliver Laas

Contributors: Varvara Guljajeva, Pau Waelder,
Chris Hales, Mar Canet Solà,
Jon Karvinen, Luba Elliot, Oliver Laas, Raivo Kelomees, Mauri Kaipainen,
Pia Tikka, Sabine Himmelsbach