Alalimón Galeria, Barcelona, presents the solo exhibition by the new media artist duo Varvara & Mar, now featured in the extended program of the 27th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Barcelona (ISEA).

This show is a meditation on the creative processes in the field of deep learning. The artworks exhibited manifest the search for aesthetics or psychedelic trips in the neural darkness of algorithmic processes and calculations, while pushing the limits of neural net as well as artists’ own imagination and the language of expression. Thus, the works presented at the exhibition can be seen as the results of psychedelic trips to latent space that artists have conducted.

The project demonstrates the translation of semiotic spaces, in this case from text to 3D mesh, that contributes to the augmentation of creativity. In other words, the irregular mutations can lead to new creations that would not have happened otherwise. Apart from  the mutations within a system, an additional layer of transformation is introduced by the 3D printing process and material itself. 

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Varvara & Mar is a media art duo consisting of CMA’s Assistant Professor Varvara Guljajeva and CUDAN research fellow Mar Canet. Fascinated by artificial intelligence, kinetics, audience participation, and digital fabrication, the duo’s work confronts social changes and the impact of the technological era.