The results of the 72nd round of the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation Fellowship have been announced. CMA postdoc, Dr. Zikai Alex Wen, was one of the recipients with an average nationwide success rate of ~16%.

The general program grant of the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation is auxiliary funding for postdoctoral researchers to conduct independent, innovative research during their stay. It creates better conditions for outstanding postdocs in China to carry out early-career scientific research.

The CMA thrust and the university place a high value on building a strong postdoctoral team, as they are a vital component of the research workforce and a source of innovative young talent. Dr. Wen credits the interdisciplinary environment in the CMA thrust and the support of his advisor, colleagues, and students for enabling him to develop an eye-catching interdisciplinary research proposal.


Link to the official announcement by CPSF (in Chinese)

Link to the university news (in Chinese)