Recently, HiShorts! Film Festival announced 25 shortlisted short films for this year's experimental section. The films are selected from 982 entries to the experimental section, and this year's festival received 6025 entries for its six main competition sections. One of the selected works comes from Rui HU, CMA assistant professor of practice in media arts. Supported by the Shanghai Swatch Art Peace Hotel Art Center project, Rui created a virtual space with the library as the background in his work "A Comprehensive Theory", and at the same time used the image of "clues" throughout the film. In many languages, the word "clue" carries a reference to the image of a rope. As a symbol of order, the library includes the collection and sorting of knowledge by human beings, and the various structures composed of lines, including knots and networks, possess the dual possibilities of connection and restraint, life-saving and lethality, chaos and order. Books, ropes, globes, and the sleeping statue of Ariadne, the combination and tension of these images imply that people are looking for directions in the information network, allowing the audience to shuttle and reflect.


HiShorts! Film Festival is the most influential film festival label from Xiamen. As a dynamic force of film festivals in China, HiShorts! is committed to cultivating young filmmakers who can think independently and create fearlessly. Until now, HiShorts! has built up the biggest pool of short films and young talents in China that involves more than 10,000 short films and 3,000 directors. In the past years, many worldwide professionals in the film industry gathered in HiShorts!, including Shaohong LI (Chinese film director), Chang-dong LEE (Korean film director), Bing XU (contemporary artist), Shuli HU (founder and publisher of Caixin Media), Timmy YIP (winner of Academy Award for Best Art Direction), Yang ZHANG (6th generation film director), Robert VALLEY (Director of Zima Blue in Love, Death, Robot), Shawn DOU (Chinese actor), Xuebing WANG (Chinese actor), Hongwei WANG (film supervisor), Ruben Ostlund (award-winning producer in Cannes International Film Festival), New Pants (Chinese band), and other renowned figures around the world.

HiShorts!电影节是厦门最具影响力的电影节品牌。作为中国电影节的一股生力军,HiShorts! 致力于培养独立思考、勇于创新的青年电影人。截至目前,HiShorts! 形成了中国最大的短片和青年人才库,涵盖10,000多部短片和3,000名导演。在过去的几年里,许多世界电影界的专业人士聚集在HiShorts!,包括李少红(中国电影导演)、李沧东(韩国电影导演)、徐冰(当代艺术家)、胡舒立(财新传媒的创始人和出版商)、叶锦添(奥斯卡最佳艺术指导奖获得者)、张扬(第六代电影导演)、罗伯特·瓦利(紫玛蓝的爱情、死亡、机器人导演)、窦骁(中国演员)、王学兵(中国演员)、王宏伟(电影监督)、鲁本·奥斯特伦德(戛纳国际电影节获奖制片人)、新裤子(中国乐队)等世界知名人物。

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