Research Area(s):  Computational Arts, Bio Arts, Computational Aesthetics, Biology Aesthetics, Synthetic Biology, Computational Design, Digital Fabricate, Post-human, More-than-humans

ZiweiWu is a  media artist and researcher who born in Shenzhen in  1996,  received a Bachelor of Intermedia art at China academy of art and an MFA student in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths. Recently is a Ph.D. student in Computational Media and Arts, Hong Kong University of  Science and Technology. Her artworks are mainly based on biology, science, and the influence in society.  Using a range of media like painting, installation, Audio-Visual, 2D and 3D animation, VR, mapping. She has won many awards, including the Lumen prize,  Batsford prize, and funded by  Ali  Geek  Plan.  Her work exhibits international including Watermans Gallery London, The Cello Factory London, Himalayas Museum Shanghai,  Yuan  Museum  Chongqing,  Times  Art  Museum  Beijing,  OCAT Shenzhen, and so on.

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