Art and technology has been discussed in the fields of contemporary art and art education.  Prof. Jun FEI will share his insights about the influences, history, meanings and values generated from the development of art + technology; and share us how to apply interdisciplinary thinking to art + technology practice and education.

Art and Technology, Interdisciplinary, Art education

Speaker Bio: Professor Jun Fei is a professor of the Art and Technology Program, school of design, China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), creative director of MOUJITI ART+TECH, he was the head of CAFA Media Lab, and co-curator of Beijing Media Art Biennale. As an artist, designer and educator. he devotes himself to the research, education and practice of art and technology. His artistic practice explores the narrative in hybrid fields that are constructed by virtual and physical fields. His art and design work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries, museums and festivals, including the China Pavilion at the 58th Venice Biennale,  and have received many international awards including the IF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, German Design Award Special, and Design for Asia Award.