CMA assistant professor of practice in digital arts, Jake Zhang's animated short film BLOOD SWIM was awarded the Finalist Award at the 2021 Asia Digital Art Award FUKUOKA (ADAA). ADAA receives hundreds of submissions from 14 countries and the listed rate is around 8%. The awarded animated short will be exhibited at the 2022 Asia Digital Art Awards Exhibition from March 8 (Tue) to March 13 (Sun) of 2022. The venue locates at Fukuoka City Science Museum, Fukuoka Art Museum.

CMA数字艺术实践助理教授张俊杰的动画短片BLOOD SWIM荣获2021年亚洲数字艺术奖福冈(ADAA)决赛入围奖。 ADAA 收到来自 14 个国家/地区的数百份提交,入围率约为 8%。 获奖动画短片将于2022年3月8日(星期二)至3月13日(星期日)举行的2022年亚洲数码艺术大奖展上展出,地点位于福冈市科学馆、福冈市美术馆。

Asia Digital Art Award FUKUOKA, established in 2001 here in Kyushu, Japan, encourages the creation of digital content that combines top-notch technology with an Asian sensibility. The competition strives to spread the notion of “high-level artistic expression based on logical thinking” by recognizing digital contents creators who represent Asian culture. This world-class Media Art competition serves to realize the potential of authentic digital media throughout Asia.

亚洲数字艺术奖福冈于 2001 年在日本九州成立。该奖旨在鼓励创造将一流技术与亚洲感性相结合的数字内容。 大赛通过表彰代表亚洲文化的数字内容创作者,传播“基于逻辑思维的高水平艺术表达”的理念。 这项世界级的媒体艺术竞赛发掘出了亚洲真实的数字媒体潜力。

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