In this this coming seminar, we invite Prof. Hui Zhu to give us an artist talk about her recent projects and experience on immersive scenery based on original IP. Please see the detailed information about her talk on Oct 4 09:30AM via zoom. I look forward to seeing you there.

CMA Fall2021 - seminar Week 5 Artist Talk - Prof. Hui Zhu: Art Practice & Immersive Scenery Based on Intellectual PropertyTime: Oct 4, 2021 09:30AM HKTForeword: “One blissful Saturday morning, ten years ago, I made a little figurine out of coiled wire and took a picture of it. This little coil man soon became a character in my animation and photography pieces and a companion in my travels. Over time, the coil man was given a name and a story and soon I was invited to show photo and animation works featuring my coil man. The exhibition experience inspired me to explore the space beyond the confines of the wall projection. I wanted the spirit and personality of the work to reach out into the exhibition space, rather than wait for the audience to grasp the artistic conception after they finished watching. The coil man has since participated in joint exhibitions, fashion shows, the Winter Olympics press conference and the China Service Trade Association’s art exhibit. In these exhibition, I have constantly explored the transformations of conceptual art in physical space while seeking deeper interactivity in this new mode of presentation.”About Hui Zhu:
• Visual artist, animation director, associate professor
• Founder of Beijing 7StarWish Animation Studio
• Supervisor, Academy of Arts&Design,Tsinghua University
• Initiator of China Animation Academic Alliance
• Director of China social Artists Association
• Tsinghua enlightenment creative entrepreneurship tutor
• Expert of China Film and Television Association
• Shenzhen red cube digital art researcher
• Judge of ACM Siggraph international computer graphics and Image Animation Competition

Research areas: Animation, new media art
Speaker Bio:
Hui ZHU has designed and produced cutting-edge art & design works for national enterprises and institutions, government agencies, research institutions, social media and cultural groups. As a project leader, ZHU has undertaken a number of significant educational projects at the national level, including mixed reality app for the 863 Program, the AI art education and innovative design program of the National Art Fund, tradition and innovation in the decorative aesthetics of Chinese classic animation for the Ministry of Education.

She has won numerous international awards and served as a judge for several major exhibitions and competitions in China and abroad. Her current research is focused on the magnitudes of time and space in art and design, technologically informed modes of expression, inheritance and innovation in Chinese art and design in the AI era. Her work encompasses  two and three-dimensional spaces, static and dynamic states, narrative and interaction while she continues to perfect and rethink her creative practice.